Nashville, TN 37218, United States
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A few words about us:

On April 1, 1986, Alkebu-Lan Images first opened its doors for business in Nashville, TN, across from the campus of Tennessee State University. Starting out with a limited product line, the business slowly grew and expanded with the help of customer's requests for specific items that reflected the culture, heritage and history of Africa.  Initially the business was referred to as "that African shop on the corner."
Over the years, the business has weaved it's way along a path of various product mixes, which often includes trendy Africentric merchandise. Presently, a more defined product line has been established which focuses on African-American literature and educational materials, health and wellness items,  Africentric apparel, jewelry and art. 
Along with the retail store, Alkebu-Lan Images participates as an exhibitor in many national conferences, conventions, and art festivals around the country.

Our mission is to be a vehicle for the psychological growth and development of African Americans by increasing access to materials that reflect the culture, heritage, and history of Africa and the African diaspora.